My parents are signing up my seven year old sister for CCD, or basically Catholic education.  Am I wrong to be slightly upset about this?  I feel like she won’t be taught in a hypothetical way where she can make her own decisions it.  They are basically just going to tell her about Christianity as if it is absolutely true and she’s going to end up dismissing every other religion in existence and fail to think for herself on this topic.  I don’t know, maybe I’m making conclusions.  Religion is definitely something that should be decided on one’s own, not because someone told you about it when you were young so that it’s just convenient to believe in it when you’re older.  My parents should sign her up for just a general religion class (if those exist) so she can learn about different religions.

Thursday Jul 26 09:08pm
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  1. atay-aletheia answered: This article might answer your concern.…
  2. jellyjabber answered: Well, it depends on who is teaching her. Priests and Nuns actually studied theology for a living and are great at giving all perspectives
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